The Untapped Political Potential Of TikTok

Debt ceiling drives fundraising, a solution for candidate quality


One Consultant Worries Republican Ad Testing Doesn’t Go Far"Instead, campaigns and groups need to consider randomized control trials, where a control group isn’t exposed to the political message while one is with the outcome measured in both instances."


7 Digital Functions Every Campaign Needs To"'Digital' is a nebulous term when it comes to campaigns and it means different things to different people – sometimes within the same organization. Clearly defining the responsibilities and articulating the goals of your digital campaign is a prerequisite for running an effective operation."

What Should Republicans Do To Improve Candidate Quality?"For conservatives seeking to address the challenge of improving candidate quality in nomination contests, instant runoff voting in primaries offers an evidence-based solution that offers high-resolution input from voters, positions the ultimate nominee for maximum success, and eliminates the need to 'clear fields' by party insiders."

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The Debt Ceiling Is All the Rage in Democrats’ Fundraising"Democrats have sent 22 emails highlighting the standoff, in what’s normally a slow period for raising money, according to Pundit Analytics, which tracks emails, Facebook ads and social-media postings of elected officials and candidates."

Social Media

Inside the lonely and surprisingly earnest world of political"Still, for some politicians, the nebulous specter of a national security risk isn’t enough of a reason to stay off the platform or shun the communities that use the app. Well over 130 million Americans use the platform every month, including about two-thirds of young people, who tend to use it multiple times per day. That has created a potentially huge audience for those elected officials who invest time and energy into building a presence. The preferred social media app of an entire generation has been mostly unexplored by elected officials — even as some of them try to shut it down."