Trump Campaign Sputters

Business news, TikTok draws ire

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Measuring The Competitive Paid Media Landscape – Adam Wise (National Media)"Comscore will tell you you're wrong about your October media. By on Thanksgiving, Nielsen will tell you that you were wrong. Next year. We needed something that gave us the speed to know if we were right or wrong last week."


Push Digital Acquires Campaign Solutions to Form a Competitor to the Right’s Mega"Donehue added that the impetus for the move wasn’t just to better compete with the large firms that are dominating the right side of the industry. It’s also to help his side better compete with Democrats on small-dollar fundraising online."

OpenField Partners With TargetSmart For Data to Power Its Next-Gen"TargetSmart has had these kinds of integrations before with the Civis Platform and SmartVAN — and others that have come and gone. Still, Andrew Brown, COO at TargetSmart, put OpenField’s move in the context of a 'surge of innovation going on in the Democratic, progressive community.' Still, he doesn’t expect it to replace existing players on the left."


Trump Sells a New Image as the Hero of $99 Trading"Money from the digital cards will instead be pocketed by Mr. Trump under a licensing deal, a fact that some of his aides acknowledged and expressed concern about. They worry that the move could dilute small-dollar donations to his presidential effort."

Donald Trump Emboldens GOP Rivals With 2024 Campaign Off to Slow"Trump raised $4.2 million from donors using the GOP’s online platform WinRed in the two weeks after his Nov. 15 announcement, an underwhelming sum for a critical period. It’s only a slight increase from what he had raised in prior weeks and a far cry from his typical fundraising prowess."


The Republican Project to Break Your Email"This Republican fundraising pitch, and the many others that it resembles, raise uncomfortable questions. What is the stupidest possible fundraising appeal that would still succeed in separating a modest, hard-working Republican from his money? What sort of fishy language (“impact increase”) or preposterous assertion (“3400%”) would it take to alert a critical mass of recipients to the possibility that they’re about to be swindled?"

Social Media

Why Is TikTok Freaking Out The U.S. Government?"Governors of Texas, Maryland, Nebraska, South Carolina, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Indiana have either banned state employees from using the app on government phones, have proposed a ban, or sued the company for promoting inappropriate content for the app’s younger users."