Trump Campaign Seeks 5% Cut On Fundraising

TV Ads arrive in Britain, streaming ads may overtake cable


Political Ads Surge on Streaming TV as Candidates Follow Viewers
"Political spending on streaming services has nearly quadrupled this election cycle from the same period in 2022, according to data from AdImpact, which tracks campaign outlays. At the current pace, streaming may soon pass cable TV, which is in decline as more customers cancel the product."


Trump campaign asks for cut of candidates’ fundraising when they use his name and likeness
“Any split that is higher than 5% will be seen favorably by the RNC and President Trump’s campaign and is routinely reported to the highest levels of leadership within both organizations.”


Political ads could be heading to UK TV screens due to legal loophole
The Guardian
"But the ban – last updated in 2003 – only applies to traditional television channels and not to streaming television delivered over the internet. With audiences increasingly switching off traditional broadcast channels, the UK’s big political parties are preparing to take advantage of the loophole and pay millions of pounds to insert themselves into living rooms."

Social Media

Right-Wing Media Are in Trouble
The Atlantic
"A simpler explanation is that conservative digital media are disproportionately dependent on social-media referrals in the first place. Many mainstream publications have long-established brand names, large newsrooms to churn out copy, and, in a few cases, large numbers of loyal subscribers."


'Uncomfortable' AI-generated voicemails from gun violence victims swarm Congress
"The voice memos feature six victims of gun violence, including those killed in mass shootings, suicide, and people like 15-year-old Ethan Song, whose accidental death was the result of an unsecured gun in 2018 in Connecticut."

Democratic tech group aims to shake up Republican statehouses in 2024
NBC News
"Tech for Campaigns helps state legislative candidates in a variety of ways. It assigns volunteers to work closely with campaigns on specific tasks such as website design. Those volunteers also provide ongoing assistance with email fundraising and digital advertising — often using skills from their day jobs at tech companies large and small."


Text With The Best - RumbleUp Wins Two 2024 Reed Awards 🏆🏆
“RumbleUp won two more Reed Awards: "Best Use of Mobile Technology" for our work with Harris County, Texas Precinct 1 to increase civic engagement, and "Best Use of Technology for GOTV - Republican" in partnership with our friends at Politicoin.”

“To win the bi-partisan "Best Use of Mobile Technology" award is a testament to our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions as the market leader in P2P texting. Our Enhanced Video Texting technology powered our “Best Use of Technology for GOTV - Republican” win, making it the most-awarded video technology in the texting marketplace. Book a demo now to text with the best in 2024!”