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The Complex World of Digital Advertising – Shannon Chatlos (Strategic Partners & Media)
“In this episode we discuss the evolving paid media landscape online, how it’s changing the way campaigns are run, and her advice for selling into the political industry.”


The 2024 right-wing influencer primary heats up
“Republican voters, caring less about the mainstream media’s political coverage than ever before, are paying more attention to how it’s filtered through conservative influencers.”


Trump to GOP firms: Stop using my image or your clients will suffer
“Thursday’s letter is not a legal threat so much as a political one, forcing the party’s main digital consultants to weigh the value of Trump’s endorsement versus the use of his name to raise funds for their clients.”

Sinema can’t quit the powerful online Democratic fundraising machine
But her ActBlue page is still active and in use by her campaign committee. The Democratic fundraising platform is the most important fundraising portal in all of politics, and access to it can mean a substantial small-dollar fundraising advantage

Social Media

TikTok ban would be 'a slap in the face' to young Democratic voters, activists warn
“As the Biden administration considers banning the Chinese-owned short-form video platform with some 150 million U.S. users, young progressive activists and the older Democratic strategists trying to reach them are worried that the officials making the decision — very few of whom likely regularly use TikTok — have no idea how central the platform is to the lives of many in a generation that is just coming of age politically.”

Indicted Chinese exile controls Gettr social media site, ex-employees say
“Now claiming nearly 7.5 million users, Gettr was among the conservative alternatives to Twitter, along with Trump’s own Truth Social, that sprang up after the major platforms banned Trump’s accounts following the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol. Gettr had 3.1 million page visits in January, down from 5.4 million in November, according to SimilarWeb. The same period saw Truth Social fall to 5.7 million from 8.3 million.”


A Campaign Aide Didn’t Write That Email. A.I. Did.
“Inside campaigns, artificial intelligence is expected to soon help perform mundane tasks that previously required fleets of interns. Republican and Democratic engineers alike are racing to develop tools to harness A.I. to make advertising more efficient, to engage in predictive analysis of public behavior, to write more and more personalized copy and to discover new patterns in mountains of voter data. The technology is evolving so fast that most predict a profound impact, even if specific ways in which it will upend the political system are more speculation than science.”