TikTok Goes Nuclear On Capitol Hill

An OpenAI loophole, more streaming ad options


New marketplace launches to shift more political ads to streaming
"Madhive is currently in the process of working with individual publishers to establish guardrails around which types of ads they will or won't accept across their networks. Some publishers, for example, may be comfortable accepting ads about abortion. Others may not."

Meta is already failing to enforce its new AI policy
"Another page, Go American Freedom, is running ads using a fake CNN segment with manipulated audio of President Biden’s voice to scam seniors into getting a $6,400 ‘ACA spending card.’ The ads do not disclose that the voice of President Biden is fake or digitally altered."


The Biden Campaign Fills Out Its Digital Team Ahead of Super Tuesday
"A Biden spokesperson told WIRED that Stern, formerly vice president of paid media at the Democratic marketing firm Authentic, will be leading a digital ads program along with Humphrey, who will also work with its network of influencers. Humphrey previously served as White House digital director for the Biden administration’s Covid-19 response team. The pair’s program will be 'focused on creative testing and being in more places than ever.'"

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Microsoft-Powered Chatbot Is Back Online
"Because neither Microsoft nor LiveChatAI disallows campaigns from using their products, the chatbot was able to circumvent OpenAI’s ban. On Friday, Microsoft said that the bot was not in violation of its rules."

Never Back Down Case Study
"In precincts where SwipeRed was used, Ron DeSantis performed 25% better than in precincts where SwipeRed was not used. Additionally, in the 40 counties where SwipeRed was most adopted, there was a positive increase of up to 24.73 percentage points. In the largest county in IA, Polk County, there was an increase of 15%."


How Campaigns Can Tap into the Creator Economy – Kurt Luidhardt (Prosper Group)
Business of Politics Show
"Adopting the creator economy playbook, which focuses on creating valuable content, can help engage supporters and drive online fundraising."

Social Media

TikTok users bombard House offices over bill that could ban the app
"TikTok even has a pop-up on its app encouraging users to call lawmakers to stop a 'total ban' of the app, arguing that it will infringe on their freedom of expression and damage millions of businesses, according to a screenshot of the pop-up provided to POLITICO. That pop-up even directs the user to their own elected representative, assumedly based on their location."


Chatbots' inaccurate, misleading responses about US elections threaten to keep voters from polls
"Workshop participants rated more than half of the chatbots’ responses as inaccurate and categorized 40% of the responses as harmful, including perpetuating dated and inaccurate information that could limit voting rights, the report said."

Why political campaigns won't stop texting you
"It's entirely possible, he said, for there to be a move to text messaging as a primary way for campaigns to contact voters, and voice calls to become a secondary channel for specific demographics."

Michigan, Minnesota laws ban 'deep fakes' in election campaigns
CSG Midwest
"Michigan now explicitly bars political campaigns’ use of 'materially deceptive media' generated by AI. This includes false depictions of candidates (things they didn’t say, actions they didn’t take) that intentionally harm their reputations or electoral chances. The new prohibition on 'deep fakes' does not apply, however, if a 'clearly visible' disclaimer alerts viewers that the image, audio or video 'has been manipulated by technical means and depicts speech or conduct that did not occur.'"


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