TikTok Fights Back With TV Ad Buy

Instagram says no to politics, how AI platforms are preparing for elections


Trump’s Multibillion-Dollar Social Media Company Will Start Trading on Tuesday
New York Times
"Trump Media is now valued at more than $6 billion — even though its flagship Truth Social digital platform took in just $3.3 million in revenue during the first nine months of 2023."


Are you meeting the new email sender requirements?
Blue State
"Even if your emails show an unsubscribe link like the one above, it may not meet these updated requirements. Some versions of these headers instruct Gmail to send an email back to the organization asking for the recipient to be unsubscribed; in that case, the unsubscribe is not one-click and Gmail receives no confirmation that the unsubscribe has been processed."


Hire factcheckers to fight election fake news, EU tells tech firms
The Guardian
"Social media firms including TikTok, X, Facebook and Instagram will be required to put an army of factcheckers and moderators in place with a collective knowledge of 24 EU languages amid fears that the European parliamentary elections will be a prime target for disinformation campaigns run by Russia and others including the far right."

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TikTok makes $2.1 million TV ad buy as Senate reviews bill that could ban app
"The company has reserved television ad space in the battleground states of Nevada, Montana, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Ohio, according to data from AdImpact.

"All five states are represented by vulnerable Senate Democrats, each of whom is running for another six-year term."

Users shocked to find Instagram limits political content by default
Ars Technica
"This change does not impact posts from accounts people choose to follow; it impacts what the system recommends, and people can control if they want more," Meta's spokesperson Dani Lever told Ars. "We have been working for years to show people less political content based on what they told us they want, and what posts they told us are political.”

Meta Kills a Crucial Transparency Tool At the Worst Possible Time
"Meta’s move is just the latest example of a tech company rolling back transparency and security measures as the world enters the biggest global election year in history. The company says it is replacing CrowdTangle with a new Content Library API, which will require researchers and nonprofits to apply for access to the company’s data. But the Mozilla Foundation and 140 other civil society organizations protested last week that the new offering lacks much of CrowdTangle’s functionality, asking the company to keep the original tool operating until January 2025."


Big Firms Are Experimenting With AI For Content, And Closely Adhering to Platform Rules
Campaigns & Elections
"Moreover, if generative AI was going to be used out-of-bounds this cycle, it will likely be done by a small actor in the space without as much to lose, predicted Patterson, pointing to the AI generated voice of President Biden used in a New Hampshire robocall in February that was traced back to a New Orleans-based magician."

How AI companies are reckoning with elections
The Verge
"Earlier this year, OpenAI said that ChatGPT would start referring users to CanIVote.org, generally considered one of the best online resources for local voting information."