How Social Influencers Shape Policy

Santos Makes $$$ on Cameo, India's Influencer Push


Top Republican calls on Dem fundraiser ActBlue to stop processing donations for Hamas-sympathizing groups
Fox News
"Palestine Legal openly celebrated Hamas' brutal raid, calling it 'one of the most significant acts of Palestinian resistance to Israel's nearly eight decade long settler colonial project in Palestine.'"


YouTube and Reels Could Decide India’s Elections
"In the last few months, India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party has held more than two dozen influencer meetups across the country. Ministers of the BJP government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, have appeared on podcast shows, eschewing harder interviews with established news channels. Anurag Thakur, the information and broadcasting minister, told the parliament that the government has picked four private agencies to work with social media influencers for content on government schemes."

Social Media

Social media influencers may affect more than voter opinions
"The researchers found that when social media influencers share distorted political messages, like misinformation and disinformation, to gain followers and increase their profits, political parties have to moderate their policy positions to attract median voters and win general elections. However, traditional media outlets' editorial positions become more extreme, and the opinions of citizens swayed by influencers grow more polarized."

George Santos is earning six figures from Cameo videos
"In fact, Santos said — and screenshots and the CEO of Cameo confirmed — that he has lined up more than that sum in his first 48 hours on the platform. People pay between $200 and $300 to Santos for various flavors of communication.”


ChatGPT: Is This AI Chatbot Biased Against Republicans?
The Political Playbook
"Limit ChatGPT's usage to tasks where its bias is less likely to have a significant impact, such as generating creative content or brainstorming ideas."

AI For President – Robert Moran (Lincoln 2.0)
Business of Politics Show
"It's a weird future, but it is something that I think we'll experience."


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