The Social Influencer Battleground

White House creators' party, TikTok data, Trump meme team


What Is Platform & Media Fragmentation And How Does It Affect Political Campaigns?
Best Practice Digital
"Even more alarming, one in five swing voters reported being unreachable via TV advertising because they either don’t watch TV content or only consume TV content on platforms that don’t permit political advertising."


Inside the Troll Army Waging Trump’s Online Campaign
New York Times
"Since March, Mr. Trump has posted videos made by the team to his Truth Social and Instagram accounts — which have more than 30 million followers combined — at least two dozen times. He tends to share the group’s less crude content, favoring memes that feature him in a positive light."


The Biggest Features WinRed Added Ahead of the 2024 Cycle
"WinRed raises more and sometimes donors hit maximum contribution limits. We added an auto-block feature that allows you to set a limit for donors so when someone hits that limit they are automatically blocked from future giving saving time and headaches for campaigns."

Social Media

Inside the first-ever White House holiday party for internet celebs
"I can say with a pretty good degree of certainty that the 400+ people who came through the gates that day had a larger social footprint than the guest lists of almost all other White House holiday parties, with maybe the only exception being the Congressional Ball. Then again, there are a lot of members of Congress who don't exactly have a large following on their official social media accounts."

Political Debate Is Rife on TikTok. Politicians? Not So Much.
New York Times
"[Jeff] Jackson is the most popular, with 2.5 million followers, and Senator Bernie Sanders, independent of Vermont, comes in second, with 1.4 million. Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota each have over 200,000 followers."

Support for TikTok ban crumbles, even among Republicans
Washington Post
"While GOP leaders have furiously campaigned this year to ban the app, their constituents remain unsure. Republicans’ rate of support for a ban dropped from 60 to 50 percent, and those unclear about the value of a ban jumped from 21 to 30 percent, the Pew survey found."

POLL: Republicans Don’t Know Or Trust Far-Right Influencers Like Jack Posobiec And Tim Pool
"The results found that a strong majority of Americans — even of every political affiliation — were aware of Shapiro and Owens. Shapiro was known by 70% of Republicans, 76% of Independents, and 59% of Democrats, while 63% of Republicans, 62% of Independents, and 54% of Democrats know of Owens."


Meet Ashley, the world's first AI-powered political campaign caller
"For Daniels, the tool levels the playing field: as the underdog, she is now armed with another way to understand voters better, reach out in different languages (Ashley is fluent in over 20), and conduct many more "high bandwidth" conversations."