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Balloon politics, Trump returns, and low-quality ads


Why Are You Seeing So Many Bad Digital Ads Now?"But advertising experts agree that crummy ads — some just irritating, others malicious — appear to be proliferating. They point to a variety of potential causes: internal turmoil at tech companies, weak content moderation and higher-tier advertisers exploring alternatives. In addition, privacy changes by Apple and other tech companies have affected the availability of users’ data and advertisers’ ability to track it to better tailor their ads."


Democrats Need a Better Investment"Third, in addition to supporting candidates, we must invest in groups that strengthen Democratic infrastructure and help us build long-term power. We need permanent, year-round efforts to register voters, mobilize communities of color, expand the Democratic talent pipeline, and train campaign staff and volunteers. Investment in groups that do this work–like Arena, Run for Something, SwingLeft, and Sister District–pays both short and long-term dividends."

Donald Trump Aims for YouTube Return as Campaign Social-Media Strategy Takes"The social-media strategy for Mr. Trump’s third consecutive White House bid is still developing as he faces decisions on how to use various platforms and compete with his own Twitter-like Truth Social network. The former president, who was banned from various platforms after the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol, also must contend with new guidelines on what he can say and the risk of new suspensions."

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Republicans Are Using China Balloon Drama to Raise Money for"In at least 11 emails, congressional campaigns cite the incident as they ask recipients for money, to sign petitions or to take surveys. Some strike Cold War themes as they raise the dangers of Chinese espionage, but most take jabs at President Joe Biden, who on the advice of the military opted to destroy the craft over the ocean three days after a civilian spotted it in the Montana sky."

Republicans Have a Digital Fundraising"Republicans cannot forgo the hard work and play catch-up later. We need to invest time and talent into digital fundraising – now. Campaigns perform best when human capital is tasked with mastering low-dollar, digital fundraising. You grow the pie by hiring and training more bakers."


How K-pop stans are shaping elections around the"The Chileans riffed on what they learned from other successful K-pop campaigns: how to create viral social media posts, host events to build community, and connect people on the basis of a common interest. They also used iconography familiar to K-pop fandoms. Every K-pop group has a logo, and every fandom gets a name and a special light stick that changes color or displays messages synced to the music via Bluetooth. Some groups also have a designated color (BTS is purple). Kpopers for Boric created a logo for the politician and adopted green as his signature hue."

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The Only Success Story in Right-Wing Social"Rumble’s recently launched ad network is one part of the effort to put money into the pockets of conservative content creators, but I suspect that building a stable of free-speech-curious advertisers that can support YouTube-level advertising rates, even with a more generous cut for creators, will be quite difficult. If I had to guess, its subscription feature, Locals, will probably be what makes or breaks the platform for contributors who don’t have one-off contracts."


Introducing NMV's Fall 2022 Cohort: 6 Innovative Projects!"INTRVL (for-profit) helps campaigns turbocharge their ad performance with advanced media optimization and audience research tools. These innovative tools make in-field media measurement more cost-efficient and insightful, unlocking more effective ad buys without additional media spend. INTRVL has built tooling that enables them to measure and optimize multi-channel media programs as they are running."