Report - Online Fundraising Survey

Challenging Times For Online Fundraising [Survey]


The Center for Campaign Innovation recently surveyed 32 online fundraising professionals working for candidate campaigns, party committees, and digital agencies to gather their candid assessments of the status of the industry in 2022. 

70% of those surveyed said online fundraising underperformed their expectations in the first quarter of the year.

Some key takeaways from our latest research:

  • Online fundraisers blame inflation (35%) as the biggest negative impact in online fundraising, followed by stiff competition for a limited pool of donors (20%) and challenges with email deliverability (15%). 

  • Email is the most important online fundraising performance with 19 of our 33 respondents ranking it number one, but 78% of respondents believe Republican emails are more likely to go to spam than Democratic emails.

  • Recent changes to Facebook advertising, including limitations on political targeting, have made it even more difficult to recruit new donors. 

to learn what fundraisers say


working, the key WinRed features they use to raise more money, and what they think about the ethics of online fundraising. 

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Eric Wilson

Center for Campaign Innovation