Poll: Aggressive Fundraising Turns Away Volunteers

Republicans' "old school" campaign, Facebook stops fact checking Trump


Republicans' old-school campaignFWIWNewsletter.Substack.com"Democratic candidates built a massive advantage in Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube ad spending. In battleground Senate races, Democrats outspent Republicans $50 million to $10 million. In key House races, the Dem advantage was $8 million to $3 million. In competitive Gubernatorial contests, they outspent the GOP $25 million to $13 million."


Walker's campaign tells Republicans to stop 'deceptive fundraising' in Georgia runoffNBCNews.com"The campaign said it first noticed the problem Saturday when former President Donald Trump’s Save America sent out an email that asked prospective donors to “contribute ANY AMOUNT IMMEDIATELY to the Official Georgia Runoff Fundraising Goal and increase your impact by 1200%”"


Why can’t pollsters reach Gen Z?TheVerge.com"Unlike corporate marketing firms, political pollsters run on much tighter budgets with even greater demand for accurate data returns, making experimentation to reach younger audiences far more difficult. But the possibility of robocalling and texting regulations on the horizon, as well as stricter online privacy regulations, could force polling firms to adapt to more nontraditional platforms like YouTube."


Digital Election Campaigns SurveyCivicShout.com"24% of respondents agreed with the statement: 'There have been times when I have decided not to donate to or volunteer for a Democratic campaign because that just means I'll get more emails and text messages.'"


Don't Blame TrumpTheAmericanConservative.com"Republican small dollar fundraising efforts are paltry by comparison, and Republican fundraising efforts suffer from high consultant and “list building” fees—where Republicans pay a lot to acquire small-dollar donors. This is why incumbents have such massive advantages: much of the small-dollar fundraising my own campaign did went to fundraising and list-building expenses."

Social Media

Facebook fact-checkers will stop checking Trump after presidential bid announcementCNN.com"While Trump is currently banned from Facebook, the fact-check ban applies to anything Trump says and false statements made by Trump can be posted to the platform by others. Despite Trump’s ban, “Team Trump,” a page run by Trump’s political group, is still active and has 2.3 million followers."