Political Pros Prepare 2024 Predictions

AI worries, Trump's diminished social reach


2023 Virginia Post-Election Insights: Battleground Survey Results
"This webinar presents findings from Virginia's recent elections, with a focus on early voting patterns, the role of social media and streaming platforms in voter engagement, and advertising effectiveness."


Donald Trump gets much less engagement on Truth Social than he did on X
"Trump averaged nearly 96,000 likes per original tweet in the month of November between 2016 and 2020, including an average of 206,000 in Nov. 2020.

He averaged less than 24,000 likes per post on Truth Social in Nov. 2022. The figure fell below 18,000 last month."


4 Digital Campaign New Year’s Resolutions For 2024
Best Practice Digital
"Our campaigns are great at collecting lots and lots of data from our interactions with voters, but are you actually using it to make your campaign smarter and more effective? It’s been my experience that data often stays in its silo, not talking to anyone else.

“Resolve to identify at least one way to enhance your campaign with data collected about supporters."


What to Expect From Digital Politics in ’24: The Good, the Bad, and the Annoying
Campaigns & Elections
"Despite the damage that over-aggressive fundraising may have done to donor trust, the fear of the other side will still compel politically involved people to give as often and as much as they can."


A TikTok-fueled Victory In New Zealand – Sean Topham (Topham Guerin)
Business of Politics Show
"Creating content specifically for TikTok, rather than repurposing other campaign videos, was key to engaging with the platform's audience."

A US-Sanctioned Oligarch Ran Pro-Kremlin Ads on Facebook—Again
"Just months after Meta said it would stop Shor’s ads, according to new research from Reset shared exclusively with WIRED, Shor and his eponymous Shor Party had spun up an even more elaborate advertising campaign on Facebook that aimed to destabilize Moldova’s local elections in November and undermine Moldova’s entry to the European Union."

Social Media

11 Consultant Predictions for 2024
Campaigns & Elections
"Despite at least one major story on AI, this will really be the election of influencer marketing with more content creators directly participating in campaigns than ever before. Social media platforms will issue new rules in an attempt to increase transparency of sponsored political messaging. We will also see the log jam break on TikTok and more elected officials will join the platform, although many will still publicly call for a crackdown — including the Biden campaign."


How bad actors could use generative AI to impact elections this year
“AI may end up disenfranchising voters as election officials use new tools for a variety of tasks, from identifying and removing ineligible citizens from voting registries to AI-powered signature matching."

Kelly Loeffler is back with a new GOP company inspired by her loss three years ago
"She shared plans with POLITICO to roll out RallyRight, a technology company that offers a suite of products: DonateRight, a donation processing service intended to rival major players like WinRed; FieldRight, a gig economy app that connects canvassers to campaigns; and RelayRight, a texting tool."