Political Moderation Headaches

Why we can't quit X, Dem Tech frustrations


The Politics Of Programmatic Advertising
Business of Politics Show
“We’re diving into the current state of affairs for political programmatic advertising. Where do major tech platforms stand in terms of their policies on campaign ads, what alternatives exist, and what can campaigners do to prepare for further disruptions?”

Social Media

X remains the spot for big political moments
“Twitter’s persistence and Threads’ failures are taking place in a rapidly changing social media ecosystem for news publishers and political content producers. AXIOS reported this week that traffic to news publishers from both Facebook and Twitter/X continues to sharply decline. Facebook’s former head of news, Campbell Brown, announced she’s leaving the company after a pivot away from investing in that sector. And yesterday, X abruptly changed the way it displays linked story cards, reducing the likelihood that users will “click-out” to read news articles off the platform.“

Tech Can’t Outrun Politics
Center for Information, Technology, and Public Life
“There are new platforms – not only TikTok but also Discord, Telegram, and Twitch that have become new means of political communication. If there is anything we have learned, such as from X (Twitter), platforms do not need big numbers to have a big impact.”


Amazon’s Alexa has been claiming the 2020 election was stolen
Washington Post
“Tech companies have long resisted being cast as arbiters of truth online. But technologies like voice assistants and chatbots, which serve up a single definitive answer rather than millions of ranked links or posts, stand to magnify debates about online speech that have dogged Silicon Valley since the 2016 election.”

As 2024 Looms, Democrats’ Campaign Tech Crumbles Under Private Equity Squeeze
The Intercept
“For insiders, the decision to make deep cuts at certain parts of the operation suggests changes could be in store for the even more crucial parts of the company. There are alternatives to ActionKit, but fewer to NGP VAN, where Bonterra could cut more staff with little notice, said Tara Harwood, who was laid off from her role as ActionKit lead quality assurance engineer last month. “I really think that Bonterra is a menace to the sector,” Harwood said.”