OpenAI Says No Politics For ChatGPT (Again)

Digital political advertising to grow 156%, Twitter (X) political ads return


US political ad spending to soar in 2024 with TV media the biggest winner - report
"Digital platforms, which have historically drawn only a small chunk of political ad dollars, are expected to see a spike of 156% from 2020, with Meta Platforms and Google both expected to see strong growth."

X (Twitter) political advertising slowly makes a comeback
"Last year, political advertisers indeed started coming back: 224 political accounts on X spent a total of $5.18 million on the platform."


An animated character named Marlon is trying to help Trump win Iowa’s caucuses
Fast Company
"Most campaigns use face time at events to encourage Iowans to caucus for the candidate, and they rely on pledge cards with names, addresses, and phone numbers to contact supporters again later. But the Trump campaign doesn’t wait until after the voters leave the venue—they are filling in any gaps in knowledge of how the caucuses work on-site."


Trust the Market Leader in Texting to Power Your '24 Strategy
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OpenAI Bans Use of AI Tools for Campaigning, Voter Suppression
Wall Street Journal
"Among a series of clarifications on its policies Monday, OpenAI said people aren’t allowed to use its tools for political campaigning and lobbying. People also aren’t allowed to create chatbots that impersonate candidates and other real people, or chatbots that pretend to be local governments, it said."

How OpenAI is approaching 2024 worldwide elections
"We’re still working to understand how effective our tools might be for personalized persuasion. Until we know more, we don’t allow people to build applications for political campaigning and lobbying."

State Legislators, Wary of Deceptive Election Ads, Tighten A.I. Rules
New York Times
"Many of the bills apply only to such ads that are released up to 90 days before an election, when voters are paying the most attention."

Iowa Republicans will use an app to transmit caucus results. Sound familiar?
"According to the party, local caucus leaders will use the app to transmit results to the state party, which will then verify there aren't any data entry anomalies, before publishing them to a public-facing website."