Online Fundraising Woes Grow

Microsoft bans political ads, India's influencer election


Microsoft's Xandr bans political ads
“Political ad agencies are used to tech firms regularly changing their ad political ad policies. Some argue limiting them does more harm than good for society.”

Digital Advertising Strategies for 2024 Political Campaigns with Beth Dwyer MNI Targeted Media
Digital Politics
“Because of the fragmentation in the ad market, programmatic demonstrates that ad buys should be less about where the voter is and more about reaching the desired audience using data points outside of traditional voter data to understand voter behavior and target opportunities.”


Inside Biden’s hidden campaign
Washington Post
“The DNC, which is operating on the assumption that Biden will be the party’s nominee, has begun funding a digital organizing tool called REACH, which will encourage volunteers to push their friends, family members and neighbors to vote for Biden. In 2020, a similar technology, called the Vote Joe App, was funded and operated by the Biden campaign.”

Biden campaign beefs up its data operation
Washington Post
“Siegel said the team will research how and where people get their information, then tailor its messages to particular kinds of voters. The campaign will determine whether to reach out to them through direct mail, television spots, digital ads or in-person door knocking. And it will decide who would make the best messengers in each case — elected officials, celebrities, community leaders or friends and family.”


Campaign Branding For 2024 – Hunter Schwarz (Yello)
Business of Politics Show
“In this episode, we discuss the role of branding in modern politics, what he thinks about the 2024 Republican logos, and the design trends he hopes cross over into politics.”


The political economy may have just hit its recession
“Though candidates are optimistic the small-dollar energy will return as the campaign season heats up, a sudden shortfall in grassroots giving would signal a tectonic shift in politics. The flow of this cash has made political stars of outsiders, and given campaigns a cushion when big donors tap out.”

Fundraising ploys highlight ‘five-alarm fire’ to find new GOP donors
NBC News
“You’ve got a universe [of donors] that is much smaller, it’s older, it’s less wealthy and the last guy they contributed a lot to is still asking them for more," Duncan later added. "So the universe is stretched thin.”

A Digital Pivot on the Right?
Campaigns & Elections
A fundraising shift may very well be starting on the right. After years of “burning down” lists, and employing fake matches and auto-clicked recurring contribution buttons, practitioners are seeing campaigns consider a softer approach.


Indian politicians embrace influencers ahead of 2024 elections
Rest Of World
“The demand for social media influencers is such that political parties haven’t stopped at the big celebrities. Gandhi is one of many “nano-influencers” — those with between 100 and 10,000 followers — whom political parties are now trying to snag. Nano-influencers have a hold on an audience within a particular niche, according to Devang Dave, a member of BJP’s election management team in Maharashtra. Though they may not be present on Twitter or Instagram, they could be running 20 WhatsApp groups with 250 members each, he told Rest of World. “Such people can influence nearly 5,000 people within a region,” he said. “Influencers are self-created people with a high credibility ratio.”