The Most Online Election Ever?

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Why 2024 Is Shaping Up To Be The Most Online Election Ever
“We’re in a moment of transition, one in which candidates increasingly feel pressured to engage with and respond to every Twitter debate, TikTok microtrend and obscure meme in order to feel relevant, but also one in which most candidates didn’t grow up as digital natives. The result is a dizzying cascade of online content and IRL1 references to it that is as likely to make voters cringe as to delight them. And there are still 17 months until Election Day.”


Innovating in the Halls of Power – Caleb Smith (Office of the Speaker)
Business of Politics Show
“The conversation also delves into the implications of artificial intelligence (AI) in content creation, with a focus on both the efficiencies it can bring and the concerns around deep fakes. Caleb shares how AI is currently being used in the Speaker's office for tasks such as transcription and embedding captions in videos.”


Congress, Not Bureaucrats, Should Govern Campaign Data
Real Clear Policy
“It’s important that we get this right, and Congress, through a deliberative process, not the courts and overreaching bureaucrats, is the correct forum. As Congress addresses the issue of data privacy, it’s important to remember that political speech deserves pride of place.”


What Mike Pence's serifs tell us about his candidacy
“Republicans hoping to supplant Trump as the next Republican nominee have mostly responded with sameness in their campaigns’ visual design, in part because Republican design allows for less deviation from traditional tropes. For candidates unafraid to call out Trump for his efforts to overturn an election, though, serifs look throwback, and they’ve proven to be a helpful signifier evoking a return to traditional conservatism.”


I Signed Up For All The Top-Tier Republican Presidential Candidates’ Email Lists. Here’s What I Learned.
“When Christie first announced his run, he didn’t have a live website. His URL didn’t redirect to an email sign-up form or a WinRed donate page. It was just a giant white screen. The favicon and preview both said ‘coming soon.’

“To announce a Presidential run without a website, in 2023, is bananas. Nothing else to say here.”