New Data: How Voters Interacted With Campaigns Online In 2022

The challenge of ad measurement, growth of vertical video


The Dearth of Digital Ad Spending In ’22 May Be Greatly"“We really have no idea how much was spent in 2022 because of the lack of disclosure among digital platforms and bad information coming from the sources that try to estimate it,” Lauren Richards, a partner and digital director at Democratic shop Sage Media Planning & Placement. “We know everyone is spending more on digital, but we are executing media strategies with only half the information we need.”"


How one campaign prioritized TikTok in"We actually created a staff position on the campaign for a Vertical Video Creator - someone whose specific job was creating vertical videos for platforms like TikTok. It was kind of a hard role to fill because you want someone who has video editing skills, but you really need someone who is just obsessed with TikTok, knows the trends, knows how to take current events and capitalize on trending moments."


The Midterm Cycle Saw ‘Record’ Digital Content Production As Strategists Worked to ‘Feed the Beast’"“We basically treated it like a media company. And I think [that] in the future … you’re going to see campaigns who realize they’re running a publishing and media company in-house in the name of their candidate or their committee.”" 


Digital Battlegrounds: How New Media And Technology Are Shaping U.S."Even as traditional engagement via local TV news and other platforms declined nationally, digital engagement increased as 49% of voters searched online for information about a candidate (+5% over 2020), 27% visited a campaign website (+7%), and 9% participated in a livestream event with a candidate (+4%)."


Trump’s toxic political brand is much bigger than he"Trump’s 2024 logo is updated slightly, with his name taller in Gotham, a typeface previously used by Obama, rather than the stout, more compact Akzidenz-Grotesk Bold Extended used in previous versions."


What Voters Think About Fundraising Emails – Josh Nelson (Civic Shout)"The spamming and scamming tactics that have become all too common are doing real damage to our ability to reach people and hold their attention."

Social Media

Elon Musk Reinstates Trump’s Twitter"Mr. Trump is obligated to make his posts available exclusively on Truth Social for six hours before sharing them on other sites, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. He can post to any site immediately if the messages pertain to political messaging, fund-raising, or get-out-the-vote initiatives. Truth Social did not return a request for comment."