New Analysis Shows Fundraising Drop Off

Speaker Johnson's big week, the influencer battleground


Mike Johnson fuels House GOP’s best fundraising week of cycle
“National Republican Congressional Committee spokesperson Jack Pandol told Axios that the NRCC had its best online fundraising week of the cycle so far, bringing in $1 million since Johnson was elected last Wednesday.

The period included the best day for online fundraising and donor signups in 18 months, Politico first reported.

The majority of the week's haul came from emails sent in Johnson's name, according to Pandol.”


No One Understands Corporate Boycotts Like This Former Trump Researcher
“An August YouGov poll found that Republicans have abandoned the party’s traditional focus on tax cuts, deregulation and free trade. Today, ‘transgender activism,’ ‘woke corporations’ and ‘critical race theory’ rank alongside ‘illegal immigration’ as their most important issues. In many cases, the shifting political priorities are turning corporations from allies into targets when conservative voters perceive them as taking liberal social stances.”


Campaign fundraising continues to fall short of expectations
Middle Seat Consulting
“Our best guess is that, pending a major news event (Roe v. Wade ruling, death of RBG, war, etc.), fundraising for 2024 campaigns will fall short of the 2022 cycle.”


AI Modi started as a joke, but it could win him votes
Rest Of World
But the videos, though lighthearted, serve a larger political purpose in India, a country with 22 official languages. Modi’s Hindi speeches can often be inaccessible to large swathes of the population that does not understand the language, but voice cloning could help make campaigns accessible, political strategist Sagar Vishnoi told Rest of World. AI voice cloning could break down this language barrier in India, especially the north-south linguistic divide, he said. ‘AI can be game-changing for [the] 2024 elections.’”

Social Media

Millions work as content creators. In official records, they barely exist.
Washington Post
“The White House now staffs a 20-person team for securing creator promotional partnerships and has briefed YouTubers on the benefits of vaccination and TikTok creators on the war in Ukraine. At the industry convention VidCon in Baltimore in September, Christian Tom, director of the White House’s digital strategy office, said the Biden administration’s creator work ‘has the most upside and potential of all the communications methods we employ.’”

Democrats consider how TikTok may fit into their 2024 campaign strategy
“By NPR's count, less than half a percent of Congress has an active TikTok account, and among those who do, they're all Democrats. So what's worked so far? Digital strategists say it's all about pushing away from traditional political norms.”


Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin Fires Eventbrite After It Banned Riley Gaines, Promoted Pro-Hamas Events
“And for that reason, Youngkin said, he decided to stop the use of Eventbrite in both his political action committee and the governor’s office. Further, he encouraged listeners of Clay & Buck not to respond or RSVP to invitations from Eventbrite.”

AdImpact Launches Potomac, First of Its Kind Political Media Buying Software
Globe Newswire
“Potomac is a first of its kind centralized platform for planning, buying, revising, and reconciling political media campaigns. Potomac supports local linear broadcast and cable, national cable, and network TV. Further – by the end of the year, the company will introduce additional features, including a financial dashboard, digital buying, and the option for automatic makegoods.”

How Republican Candidate Doug Burgum Would Use Artificial Intelligence as President
“‘You didn't get every state employee you wanted to hire. But I got [you] a co-pilot,’ he said, referring to A.I. ‘This co-pilot speaks 26 languages. It can code. It works seven by 24. It doesn't need a desk, it doesn't need a computer. It doesn't need any state benefits. It's free.’”