LTO Links #40

LTO Links #40

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Ad Tech Firms Rocket Fuel, Turn and MediaMath Oppose Immigration Ban

"Some of the biggest digital ad sellers signed the February 5 brief, including Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Snap and Twitter. Smaller yet well known ad tech companies also signed on: AdRoll, AppNexus, BrightRoll, Marin Software, Rocket Fuel and Turn. Niche digital ad sellers including LinkedIn, Reddit and Spotify also signed the brief."


The Internet Won’t Let the Senate Censor Elizabeth Warren

"Warren’s message, which might have otherwise gone largely unheard during the late-night session, spread far and wide with the hashtag #LetLizSpeak."


Twitter rolls out three new ways to fight abuse

"Twitter said it will prevent previously suspended users from creating new abusive accounts; it’s developing a 'safe search' that lets users avoid searching for hateful or abusive tweets, and it’s tweaking the timeline with a new feature that will collapse 'potentially abusive or low-quality tweets.'"


People are okay at remembering where they get news online (but still think Facebook’s a news outlet)

"Respondents were equally likely to get news either by going directly to a website (36 percent) or getting through social media (35 percent). Less common pathways: Search engines (20 percent), news organizations’ emails or alerts (15 percent), and a text from a family member or friend (7 percent)."


7 Expert Tricks to Grow Your Email List with Social Media

"Try out a social scheduling tool like Buffer, MeetEdgar or Sprout Social to automate your social media feeds. And don’t underestimate the power of the built-in tools. Facebook’s Subscribe tab, for example, is a surprisingly effective way to keep your email list top of mind."


Facebook’s New Algorithm Change Is Actually Two Updates In One

Facebook has new ways of determining how authentic you and your updates are – and if you aren’t authentic, you could be in trouble...

Basically, Facebook may place a status update higher in the News Feed if:

  • It is related to a topic that is popular on Facebook at that moment (for example, if you share an update about the Academy Awards while the Academy Awards are being broadcast, and people on Facebook are talking about them)

  • It is getting a lot of engagement at that moment (for example, if several of your followers get into a real-time debate in the comments on one of your updates)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren gets 6M+ Facebook Live views after being silenced by Republicans

"After being shut down, Sen. Warren took matters into her own hands. She hit that Live button on Facebook and read the letter to all of Facebook. The video has now been seen more than 6.2 million times."


Shopify CEO attempts to defend continued hosting of Breitbart’s online store

"Lütke contends that 'commerce is a powerful, underestimated form of expression,' and draws a direct parallel between individual purchases made by consumers and votes, and suggests that it’s not Shopify’s place to interrupt that free expression, even if personally and as an organization, they disagree with the positions of those on the platform..."

Confide: The app for paranoid Republicans

"Why Republicans are signing up: We spoke with one influential GOP operative who is using the app. He told us he especially likes that Confide makes it harder to take a screenshot—you have to slide your fingers over text and it only captures a portion of the screen."