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Snapchat makes it easier to add followers - FINALLY!

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The Facebook Audience Network Now Serves Ads to 1 Billion People Each Month

"Today, the company announced that more than 1 billion people see an ad through its Facebook Audience Network every month. The company says the total—which is primarily a mobile audience—allows advertisers who opt into the network to reach 16 percent more than they can on Facebook's flagship project. FAN, as it's called, lets advertisers reach consumers off of Facebook while still using the same targeting data."

Why 2017 Will be the Tipping Point for Native Mobile Advertising

"But the biggest untapped resource on mobile web is location. The simple truth is that physical location is a hugely overlooked facet of our digital experience, and therefore a severely overlooked source of data about our daily digital experiences."


Strategies For Effective Mobile Landing Pages

"When building a landing page for any online campaign, take special care to consider the mobile experience. Review the presentation of content, as well as the prominence of contact information. Solicit the opinions of multiple users to identify issues, and test with analytics data to determine usability. With a clear plan in place for mobile, you’ll better convert users coming from multiple devices."


10 Email Marketing Myths Killing Your ROI

"2. Open rates are the most important metric...3. There is one “best” day or time to send emails...4. Don’t send the same email twice...5. Unsubscribes are bad...10. Too many emails will lead to unsubscribes."


Snapchat’s universal search finally makes it easier to gain followers

"Launching [January 12] for some Android users and for iOS (and the rest of the Android crowd) shortly after, Snapchat’s universal search finally gives you a way to find new followers — or help them find you."

Facebook’s European media chief: Fake news is a 'game of whack-a-mole'

"Once stories have been flagged as misinformation, Facebook will deprecate it, and no one will be able to run ads on it or make the material into an ad of any sort to be promoted on Facebook, he added."

Inside Twitter, employees reckon with Trump

"'Banning is definitely a conversation that people are having, but only because we have to have the conversation,' the employee said. But a ban seems unlikely, this person said."

Instagram’s shameless Snapchat knockoff is doing marvelously well

"Yesterday (Jan. 11) Instagram announced that Instagram Stories, a feature it launched in August 2016 that was a blatant copy of Snapchat, has accumulated 150 million daily active users. That’s exactly how many users Snapchat had as of June 2016. That in turn means it’s taken Instagram Stories about four months to get the same number of users it took Snapchat over four years to attract."

Canada's Prime Minister Just Took Part in Snapchat's First Live Story With a Politician

"Trudeau answered seven questions from college students ranging from how he plans to make college more accessible for middle-class families to what hair products he uses and what he would bring with him to an island."