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Facebook's Pointless Ad Ban Is Back

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Facebook is bringing back its weeklong ban on political ads leading up to the 2022 election

"Meta said that will implement a "restriction period" for ads about "social issues, elections, or politics" in the US for the week leading up to election day, essentially banning the publishing of new ads from November 1 through November 8."

  • Facebook Loses Its Luster for Some Political Advertisers (

2022 Political Spending Projections from AdImpact

"In July 2021, AdImpact projected that the 2022 political cycle would see $8.9B in political ad spending. This represented a historic sum for a midterm year. One that would have nearly matched 2020 – the highest spending political advertising cycle of all time – in a midterm year. A year later we have revised our projections upwards, to $9.7B. Through the end of July 2022, this election cycle is outpacing 2020 by nearly $700 million dollars."


The TikTok influencers are coming for the midterms

"Since implementing the online organizing program in February, the DNC has generated over 83 million impressions, including a 16.7 million bump in the second quarter of this year alone. Officials have also recruited and trained nearly 1,000 supporters on how to use the hub so far this year."

Facebook has a midterm strategy. Trump won’t be part of it.

"In sticking to its January timetable, Facebook has decided to keep Trump off the world’s largest social media platform even if he becomes a declared presidential candidate before then. The platform’s timeline will also be unaffected by the recent FBI search of Trump’s residence in Florida."


FEC approves Google pilot program allowing political fundraising emails to bypass spam filters

"When FEC Chairman Allen Dickerson pressed Google’s counsel about GOP complaints of Gmail algorithm bias, Rajan insisted this pilot program is for a “commercial purpose” rather than a political purpose – the legal precedent cited from an earlier advisory opinion allowing Microsoft to provide free enhanced security for campaigns."


Trump rakes in millions off FBI search at Mar-a-Lago

"Former president Donald Trump bombarded his supporters with more than 100 emails asking for money based on the FBI’s search of the Mar-a-Lago Club for classified materials last week. They paid off."

Social Media

Don’t Be So Certain That Social Media Is Undermining Democracy

"If we’re exposed to more views, it raises a different issue. According to Professor Michael Bang Petersen, a political scientist at Aarhus University, that’s where a lot of the felt hostility of social media comes from—not because the sites make us behave differently, but because they are exposing us to a lot of things we wouldn’t normally encounter in our everyday lives."

Twitter plan to fight midterm misinformation falls short, voting rights experts say

"The social media company said it will apply its civic integrity policy, introduced in 2018, to the Nov. 8 midterms, when numerous U.S. Senate and House of Representatives seats will be up for election. The policy relies on labeling or removing posts with misleading content, focused on messages intended to stop voting or claims intended to undermine public confidence in an election."



"A modern platform for effective organizing."

A Tech Prescription for Improving Midterm Poll Results

"Contact data is constantly changing, with up to 60 percent of records in a database becoming out of date in some way in only two years. So, for every four-year election cycle, the voter information on file is in need of a complete overhaul."