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Inflation Woes Plague Online Fundraising

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Researchers Release Comprehensive Twitter Dataset of False Claims About The 2020 Election

"Notably, while “four out of the top five content groups were primarily spread by Trump-supporting accounts,” the researchers conclude, a set of allegations about possible U.S. Postal Service involvement in election fraud was primarily advanced by Biden supporters. But the overall proportion of misinformation was “highly skewed toward pro-Trump accounts” throughout the period."


3 Steps to Building a Brand That Wins on Election Day

"Winning the hearts and minds of voters is anything but easy in today’s competitive political climate. In this week’s episode of PMLE, we reveal three ways we build brands that land on Election Day."

Could John Fetterman Shitpost His Way to the Senate?

"Fetterman’s Instagram and Facebook are getting the meme treatment, too. Fetterman campaign spokesperson Joe Calvello told The Daily Beast the recent uptick in memes began with Fetterman himself, who has personally created some of the memes, while others have been generated by staff."


DeSantis backers plot early 2024 boost

"Even granting it is a contribution, Ready for Ron's position is that it's acting as a conduit for each individual signatory, whose signatures would be their own contributions — for roughly $0.05 each — to DeSantis."


Inflation is Hitting Online Fundraising Hard

“As Americans are looking at how do they trim their budgets, and survive inflation, higher prices, gas prices going up, they’re looking at ways to cut spending and one of those ways that they can do that is in their political contributions,” said Eric Wilson, who heads the Center for Campaign Innovation, a conservative non-profit research and training group.

Trump cracks down on deceptive fundraising by others using his name

"The letter was one of dozens of demands that Trump’s attorneys and aides have sent in recent years. But those efforts have not stopped the deceptive solicitations that flood Republican phones and inboxes daily. Eighteen months after leaving office, Trump remains the biggest draw for GOP donors, especially those who give small contributions. While he continues to rake in money, he also faces armies of unaffiliated fundraisers who ape or mimic Trump appeals and sometimes threaten or bully Republicans in Trump’s name to get money."


How the DNC reaches Democrats online

"There’s not enough of a digital talent pipeline for how rapidly our discipline continues to grow. That’s something we feel very strongly about in our team: in-housing more of our program allows us to build and grow talent for the broader ecosystem."


Swipe right (wing): Former Trump aides seek singles for Thiel-backed dating app

"Some singles at the Shaw event were optimistic The Right Stuff — free from the “woke” features on other platforms — will help them find right-wing love without a barrage of users telling Trump voters, conservatives or unvaccinated people to swipe left."