Left Launches ActBlue Competitor

Trump's post-conviction fundraising haul, DigiDems' 2024 plans


Trump campaign says conviction drives $141M May haul for campaign
"The campaign touted the trove as its best fundraising month this year and said that more than one-third — $53 million — of the total came from online donations during the 24 hours after Trump was found guilty on all 34 criminal counts in New York."

‘Content Creator’s War Room’: Inside Trump Super PAC’s Plan To Win The Digital Campaign Online
Daily Caller
"The new website, accessible at campaign-warroom.com, is billed as a 'one-stop-shop' for news clips, talking points, opposition research, and facts sheets on Trump’s accomplishments and the failures of Joe Biden’s presidency."

Some Don’t Expect Presidential-Level Innovation This Cycle
Campaigns & Elections
"I don’t believe the presidentials have driven innovation like I would have thought,” Zac Moffatt, CEO and founder of GOP firm Targeted Victory, recently told C&E. 'Historically, that was the massive [innovative leap]. It just jumped so far ahead and brought everyone with it. I just don’t see that like it used to be.'"


Faux Local News Sites, Lifestyle and Spirituality Blogs, and a Designated Terrorist Entity Among Nearly 400 Websites Laundering Russian Propaganda Online
Alliance For Securing Democracy
"Despite RT being effectively blocked in EU search results, RT content was widely available in Europe when republished on third party websites whose domains are not subject to sanctions. We found more than 3,019 unique links on 316 domains in EU search results that linked to content that was identical or a near duplicate to queried RT articles."


Democrats Get Competition in the Donation Processing Space
Campaigns & Elections
"NGP VAN is undercutting ActBlue on price by 0.70 percent — charging a flat fee of 3.25 percent per transaction compared with 3.95 percent from ActBlue. Moreover, NGP VAN said in a release said that its donation forms 'perform as well or better than the competition.'”

How a Drop in Small-Dollar Donations Is Shaking Up Both Parties
"The change has rocked fundraising for the Republican National Committee, which has seen small-dollar donations — generally seen as contributions of less than $200 — plummet from $39 million at this point in 2020 to $14 million so far this year."


Democrats need all the help they can get in November. These techies are answering the call
Fast Company
"To date, DigiDems has placed more than 200 staffers in dozens of House, Senate, gubernatorial, and coordinated campaigns, where they’ve helped manage candidates’ digital outreach and data operations, and bolstered their cybersecurity defenses."

Time to Calm Down About AI and Politics
The Connector
“But so far, the main ways that these tools are being used in politics is to help teams ‘run smoother, faster and more efficiently.’ Is this actually, as Higher Ground Labs puts it in their introduction, ‘a generational opportunity for Democrats to get ahead’? I don’t think so, but it’s still worth a closer look at how this new technology is starting to be used.”