Joe Biden's TikTok Battleground

Chinese Disinfo Ring Busted, New WinRed Features


Why a Mike Johnson campaign ad is running on an Iranian website
"Because their advertising campaigns are run through Google, the candidates would have no way of knowing their names were appearing on sanctioned websites. Google said no money was routed to the sites."


The viral $16 McDonald’s meal that may explain voter anger at Biden
Washington Post
"The White House official said the administration is working with TikTok creators to tell positive stories of Biden’s economic stewardship, while also working with social media platforms to counter misinformation."

Biden's team weighs joining TikTok to court young voters
"Despite the security concerns several prominent Democrats who have signaled presidential ambitions have joined TikTok, in part to reach young voters who are crucial to the party's chances in the 2024 elections."

Why are 2024 candidates mimicking Instagram influencers?
"And now, candidates in the 2024 GOP field are adopting many of the same marketing tactics that voters are more used to seeing from social media influencers such as Jake Paul, Tinx and Dave Portnoy."


We Spied on Trump's 'Southern White House' From Our Couches
Rolling Stone
“The vast majority of Mar-a-Lago visitors typically spend their days and nights in the U.S., east of the Mississippi. But that makes the exceptions — the far-flung travelers — stand out on the map of the globe like sore thumbs. Even though the data is technically “anonymized” (we can’t see the age, income, or ethnicity of a specific visitor, let alone their name), the pinpoint locations of where they spend their days and nights makes educated guesswork pretty easy.”


Thousands of fake Facebook accounts shut down by Meta were primed to polarize voters ahead of 2024
Associated Press
"Instead of spreading fake content as other networks have done, the accounts were used to reshare posts from X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, that were created by politicians, news outlets and others. The interconnected accounts pulled content from both liberal and conservative sources, an indication that its goal was not to support one side or the other but to exaggerate partisan divisions and further inflame polarization."


WinRed Announces 3 Major Personalization Features
"The donor flow we have spent years building and perfecting (Petition Page > Donation Page > Upsells) is going from a linear path – that treats all donors the same – to one that can direct each donor down a path specifically designed for them."

The Future Of Online Fundraising – Ryan Lyk (WinRed)
Business of Politics Show
"What we've seen in our testing is that personalization works. When you are tailoring content for what that person cares about, you're going to get better results."

Democrats shunned a top firm over its controversial fundraising practices. It hasn’t gone away.
"All told, roughly 38 percent of donations raised by Mothership clients have been fed back into the firm’s fundraising machine as direct payments to the firm or other costs for its services, according to the firm. That’s high for digital fundraising, according to others around the industry. One competitor said the figure is usually somewhere between 10 to 20 percent."

Social Media

Asymmetric Polarization in Online Media Engagement in the United States Congress
The International Journal of Press/Politics
"This growing extremity is explained by changing Member behavior rather than changes in the composition of Congress and is primarily driven by more ideologically extreme Members of the Republican party increasingly engaging with rightwing and alt-right media."


All Of The Political Campaign Software And Apps You Need To Win
Best Practice Digital
"It can seem overwhelming at first having to choose the right technology for a campaign, but if you start by understanding your needs – the challenges to be solved – you’ll be able to build the right tech stack for a modern campaign."