Highlights From Nikki Haley's Campaign Launch

More details about Twitter ads, RNC debate donor requirements


Political contentBusiness.Twitter.com"All advertisers must comply with Twitter’s Sensitive Categories Targeting Policy. Only the following criteria may be used to target political campaigning ads:- Location- Age- Gender- Interests & Keyword"


What we learned from Haley’s launchFWIWNewsletter.Substack.com"Within the first 24 hours, Haley’s 3.5-minute long (!) campaign announcement video received 3.3 million views across platforms - which isn’t a bad showing. Here’s a breakdown of where it was viewed by platform:"

Inside Tom Cotton for Senate’s Campaign Website Redesign [Interview]BestPracticeDigital.com"Static sites tend to be a great option for campaigns, since the biggest content pieces — candidate bios, issues sections, etc. — don’t change frequently. Plus, content like campaign events can be pulled in automatically from third-party services like Eventbrite."


Jeff Jackson, NC’s most online politician, offers a real look inside CongressCharlotteObserver.com"Jackson approaches social media in a straightforward manner, free of trends or memes or gimmicks. And it clearly resonates with people, including those who don’t live in his district or even North Carolina. People comment on his posts to express their appreciation for Jackson’s transparency. Commenters who self-identify as Republicans say they respect him despite the difference in political beliefs. Always, they ask questions (to which Jackson often responds)."


What Nikki Haley's branding tells us about her candidacyYello.Substack.com"Haley’s visual identity is simple and underbranded. A diagonal slant is used throughout campaign assets, showing up on the Team Haley campaign account and in digital ads announcing her rallies and town halls."


GOP wants candidates to pledge support for nominee — but some resistWashingtonPost.com"Republicans will require candidates to prove they have a certain number of grass-roots donors and meet a threshold of polling support to get on the stage."

Does this bring in money or votes? Newsletter 35TheDNCMobilizationTeam.Substack.com"Through our split program, we were able to raise a whopping $4.5 million dollars across email and SMS directly for Democratic Senate candidates and I’m super excited to share some of the amazing work that our team produced to raise such an incredible amount."

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5 2023 Predictions for the Digital, Political, and Public Affairs IndustriesIMGE.com"These days, there are far too many options for a single campaign or organization to maintain an effective presence on all of them. Instead, Wilson predicts fewer 'official' profiles and an eagerness for campaigns and organizations to work with various influencers across platforms."


How ChatGPT-3 Will Transform Politics (Probably For the Worse)TheConnector.Substack.com"What happens as interest groups use tools like Chat-GPT to flood the inboxes of lawmakers and regulators with artificially generated content? Those systems are already mostly broken, so they’ll just be even less useful."