Facebook Refriends Trump

ActBlue's new CEO, NGP-VAN layoff


Exclusive: Facebook to reinstate TrumpAxios.com"His accounts will not be reinstated immediately, Clegg said, because Meta's engineers will need time to build out some of the new functionality necessary to restrict certain posts or ad capabilities in the future, if needed."


Google to stop exempting campaign email from automated spam detectionWashingtonPost.com"The company will let the program sunset at the end of January instead of prolonging it, Google’s lawyers said in a filing on Monday. The filing, in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California, asked the court to dismiss a complaint lodged by the Republican National Committee accusing Google of 'throttling its email messages because of the RNC’s political affiliation and views.'"


Political fundraising platform ActBlue names its first Black female CEOWashingtonPost.com"Wallace-Jones, 48, comes to ActBlue from the lending platform LendStreet Financial, where she was chief operating officer. She holds an electrical-engineering degree from Stanford University and a public policy master’s from the UCLA, and she previously worked for eBay, Facebook and Yahoo."


GOP senator's campaign says cybercriminals stole $690,000 from themAxios.com“Cybercriminals targeted the accounting firm employed by Moran For Kansas and money was wired to fraudulent bank accounts,” Tom Brandt, the spokesperson for Moran for Kansas, told NBC News.

Social Media

Trump Looks to Ditch His Own Social Media SiteRollingStone.com"Asked whether Trump planned to continue to make Truth Social his exclusive social media home, a company representative directed Rolling Stone to a recent appearance by TMTG CEO Devin Nunes on Newsmax where the former California congressman said Trump 'has no interest in going back to Twitter.'"


ChatGPT has left-wing bias – studyThe-Decoder.com"According to Rozado, the most likely explanation for ChatGPT’s political orientation is that the system was trained on a large corpus of text data from the Internet written by professionals, the majority of whom are politically left-leaning. Other possibilities for human influence exist in the fine-tuning and human evaluation of machine responses (RLHF)."

Inside The Slow Implosion Of The Democratic Party's Vaunted Campaign Tech FirmTheIntercept.com"Less than two years after a British private equity firm acquired the campaign tech firm that holds the Democratic Party’s most sensitive data, the new parent company laid off at least 140 people."