Everyone Is On Edge About AI In 2024

Biden deepfake, proposed state regulations on AI


Florida lawmakers target AI in political ads
"The bill proposed by state Sen. Nick DiCeglie (R-Indian Rocks Beach) requires political ads that contain AI-generated images, video, audio or text to inform viewers of its use."

Rules Of The Road For AI In Political Ads – Scott Brennen (University of North Carolina)
Business of Politics Show
"While concerns about AI in political ads have been overstated in some areas, risks concerning bias and down-ballot races have been understated."


Fake Joe Biden robocall tells New Hampshire Democrats not to vote on Tuesday
NBC News
“Voting this Tuesday only enables the Republicans in their quest to elect Donald Trump again. Your vote makes a difference in November, not this Tuesday,” it says.


Google’s New Bulk Sender Guidelines Explained For Political Campaigns
Best Practice Digital
“In October 2023, Google announced new, stricter guidelines for anyone sending more than 5,000 emails a day (what they call “bulk senders”). Yahoo has also rolled out new policies. Both companies have said they will begin enforcing the new guidelines in February 2024. At that point, bulk senders who don’t follow their guidelines are at risk of not having their emails delivered to recipients with Gmail or Yahoo addresses.“


The data collection app at the heart of the BJP’s Indian election campaign
Rest Of World
"Singh said this on-the-ground network is key to the BJP’s campaigning. The number of people who had downloaded the Saral app was “unprecedented,” he claimed. “But the real game changer is not the app or the technology itself. It’s just having the kind of manpower that BJP does. They have so many people who are able to get people to Mann Ki Baat … So having that cadre network, the fact that they’ve built that machinery is the real game changer,” he said."

Social Media

Pro-Biden PAC launches $1 million campaign to pay social media influencers
"The policies appear to be poorly enforced. After POLITICO shared five TikTok videos from August and October from national creators paid by Priorities, TikTok removed four of them for violating their branded content policies on political issues."


AI is on the verge of changing the practice of campaigning itself
The Connector
"The first, Campaign Assistant, may both appeal to and threaten professional campaign managers. Essentially, if you tell it some basic information about the race you’re involved in, including whether it’s a competitive race or a below-the-radar contest, how much has been raised, and so on, the tool will produce an in-depth campaign strategy memo, which it will continue to update as news develops and variables change."

The Biden Deepfake Robocall Is Only the Beginning
"Even without regulation regarding the involvement of generative AI, this kind of voting interference would likely still be illegal. Last year, Douglass Mackey, who went by Ricky Vaughn online, was sentenced to seven months in prison for attempting to use his platform to mislead voters during the 2016 election."

Identified Areas Of Need In The Republican Campaign Tech Ecosystem
Startup Caucus
"As the 2024 election season begins in earnest, we’ve identified several key areas of need for development in the Republican software marketplace. In this document, we describe opportunities for entrepreneurs, technologists, startups, and mature firms to build new technology that will give Republican candidates and their allies an edge in close elections."


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