Democrats Court Influencers

New Gmail spam rules, Dem Tech woes


Media Buying Shop’s Message To Clients: Get Ready For Political Ad Crowding.
Insider Radio
“In the past, mainstream advertisers have often chosen to sit on the sidelines during the political season when inventory is tight, media are cluttered with ads, and listener tune-out levels may be higher. But with a political cycle that is getting longer and longer, that is proving to be a less useful response.”


So, how’s the Republican race for No. 2 going?
“The Haley campaign message coming out of Simi Valley is focused on big-picture issues. ‘Nikki responded to every question with honest answers and real solutions,’ one fundraising email reads, listing topics like ‘Strengthen our economy and bring inflation down’ and ‘Secure our border.’ Her campaign also began running ads on Meta’s platforms Wednesday promoting a “retro” tee that uses a Reagan-inspired campaign logo. That makes Haley the latest Republican to mine the past for vintage-inspired merch.”

The Biden campaign now wants to go viral
“Biden HQ is going to be a social media brand that sits on top of the digital war room that we’re putting together at the campaign across here and at the [Democratic National Committee]. It’s going to be our rapid response voice. It’s going to be a little more irreverent. It’s going to be fast — might be a little funny. But the point is how do we build on the success that we’ve seen, so far, with social media rapid response and give it a higher octane approach.”


New Gmail protections for a safer, less spammy inbox
“Ensure they’re sending wanted email: Nobody likes spam, and Gmail already includes many tools that keep unwanted messages out of your inbox. To add yet another protection, moving forward, we’ll enforce a clear spam rate threshold that senders must stay under to ensure Gmail recipients aren’t bombarded with unwanted messages. This is an industry first, and as a result, you should see even less spam in your inbox.”

Social Media

Democrats plan four-hour live stream with Twitch and YouTube stars
Washington Post
“On Thursday, Christian Tom, director of the White House’s Office of Digital Strategy, told an audience of content creators and industry executives at VidCon that for the first time there is a specific team at the White House dedicated to forging partnerships with content creators.”


Democrats have relied on one company’s tools to power its campaigns. They’re now facing a possible collapse.
“Democrats up and down the ballot have long relied on NGP VAN to run their campaigns. Now, consultants and former employees are concerned that repeated layoffs will lead to problems with the party’s most vaunted tech tools. Some consultants are on the precipice of turning their back on NGP VAN altogether, according to six NGP VAN clients who spoke with POLITICO.”

Fight Fire With Fire To Address Generative AI in 2024
“If it is possible to train AI to manufacture fake images and audio clips, it is also possible to train AI to identify and flag AI-generated content. There are already tools that can distinguish one form of content from another, making it transparently known to the people consuming the content.”

The New Generation of Democratic Tech Entrepreneurs
Campaigns & Elections
“Besides their more-realistic approach, today’s Democratic tech founders have a huge advantage in the form of an ecosystem of investors, many of whom founded firms of their own in the past. HGL stands out, but individual investors are also helping new companies get off the ground. Beyond the money, they’re sharing their experience and their connections, giving new entrepreneurs a foundation that I would have envied twenty-five years ago.”