Data Privacy Restrictions Limit Multicultural Voter Outreach

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Business of Politics Show LIVE: The Politics Of Programmatic Advertising
“Join us for a LIVE recording of the Business of Politics Show podcast to discuss the current state of affairs for political advertising on major tech platforms. We'll be giving an updated overview of where political advertisers can and cannot reach voters, what alternatives exist, and how to prepare for contingencies.”


Data Privacy Laws Are Restricting Marketers’ Ability to Target by Ethnicity as the U.S. Electorate is Diversifying
Campaigns & Elections
“Colorado, Virginia and Connecticut have restricted the use of data on the ethnicity of residents in their new data privacy laws, which came into effect this year, and data brokers are responding by removing those audiences from their offerings.”


To TikTok or not to TikTok? One GOP candidate joins the app even as he calls it ‘digital fentanyl’
Associated Press
“About three in 10 U.S. adults (29%) have a TikTok account, according to an Ipsos study conducted in July, with 20% saying they use it at least from time to time. TikTok usage is much higher among younger adults, with half of 18- to 34-year-olds saying they have a TikTok account and 37% using the app often. Overall, Republicans (22%) are slightly less likely than Democrats (35%) to have a TikTok account.”


GOP fundraising platform WinRed touts uptick in new donors amid contentious primary race
Fox News
“WinRed, which launched in 2019 to compete with the Democratic Party’s fundraising platform ActBlue, has 1.4 million donors so far this year, and 532,000 — or 38% — are new donors, up three points from 35% during the 2022 election cycle, the platform told Fox News Digital.”


Inside the vast digital campaign by Hindu nationalists to inflame India
Washington Post
“By the time election day arrived here in south India’s Karnataka state, Patil, a 25-year-old bank teller in a sleepy village outside Mangaluru, said he was receiving 120 political messages a day in six WhatsApp groups. ‘They were definitely a reminder,’ Patil said, to cast a ballot for the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party that governs India.”


Cybersecurity Summit: Protecting America's Democracy
“As we kick off Cybersecurity Awareness Month, join Google and Defending Digital Campaigns at Google Reston to discuss today's threat landscape and how we can work to protect our democracy in the run-up to Virginia's elections in November and national elections next year. Light breakfast and networking begins at 9:30am, followed by program kick-off at 10am.”

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How To Get Started Using TikTok For Your Campaign
Best Practice Digital
“While candidates and their campaign teams may have legitimate concerns about TikTok, the data is clear that voters – across the political spectrum – are using the platform in large numbers and getting political news there. With a few basic security precautions, campaigners can safely and effectively use TikTok to ensure voters are getting our side of the story.”


It’s Time to Play the AI Candidate Game
Campaigns & Elections
“Campaigns will quickly discover that an AI candidate has several advantages over a human candidate, but the greatest will be the ability to talk with any voter, anytime. An AI candidate will destroy the distinction between retail and wholesale politics. It’ll be able to converse with millions of voters at the same time, without the need for sleep, food, or travel. The core campaign metric will be candidate downloads, candidate interactions, and the average length of those interactions.”