CTV Is The Winner Of 2022 Midterms

Tech for Campaigns recruiting wave, AI comes for campaigns


Political ad spending on connected TV is 5x what it was in 2020MarketingBrew.com"CTV has also finally reached the scale and sophistication for campaigns to take advantage of it more fully, buyers said. Two years ago, DSPolitical was only able to use CTV inventory to target voting habits at the zipcode level, Jablonowski said. This cycle, DSPolitical can target individual households based on the voting habits of that household."

Digital Media Insights in Political Marketing—2022 Elections EditionBasis.net"While the total amount of TV consumption has remained consistent in the past year, the amount U.S. viewers have streamed has increased 22.6%, compared to declines in cable and broadcast of 8.9% and 9.8% respectively, according to Nielsen. Of our survey respondents, 80% consider connected TV as the most promising development for their digital campaigns. This was up from 63% in 2020 and just 40% in 2018."


Mark Finchem says Google and the ‘deep state’ are blocking his campaign site. The truth is simpler — and implicates his own team.Grid.News"'The webmaster for this site has instructed Google and other search engines not to include the site’s homepage in our search results by using a ‘noindex’ directive,” the spokesman said in an email to Grid. “If a site wishes to appear in search results, they can remove the ‘noindex’ directive.'"

Inside the digital dogfight for key statehousesFWIWNewsletter.Substack.com"As you can see above, Democrats - especially outside nonprofits and affiliated PACs - are far outspending Republicans in key state legislative fights online. However, as Ad Impact notes, that digital spending advantage is leveled by heavy Republican spending elsewhere."

Social Media

Google approves Truth Social for Play StoreAxios.com"It’s up to Truth Social to decide ultimately when it wants to publish its app in the App Store now that it’s been approved, but they are expected to make it available shortly."

How social media ‘censorship’ became a front line in the culture warWashingtonPost.com"Christopher Cox, a former Republican congressman from California, now serves on the board of Netchoice, a tech industry lobbying group that is fighting the Texas law. Cox said he can understand conservatives’ frustration with some of the platforms’ decisions, which he called an 'abuse of power.'"


AI becomes a political "super-weapon"Axios.com"Whether you prefer to call it AI, machine learning or old-fashioned data-crunching, the technology underlying political campaigns is rapidly improving."

Democrats are getting a boost from an unlikely source: Laid-off tech workers with more free timeNBCNews.com"Given its size, Tech for Campaigns can test different messages and tactics across states. It also now has three cycles’ worth of historical data about what works well — subject lines for fundraising emails, for example — and a permanent set of software tools for internal use."