Campaign Issue Pages Go 404

Will this be the TikTok Election, using LinkedIn


Trump’s campaign rakes in $4.9 million from online fundraising blitz after his indictment
Boston Globe
“It was similar to more than two dozen fund-raising e-mails Trump’s campaign has sent to supporters since the former president broke the news of the indictment himself last Thursday night on his social media platform. That revelation was quickly followed by his first request for money and the Trump campaign said late Wednesday afternoon that it had raised $4.9 million in online contributions since then.”


Presidential Candidates Used to List Their Positions on an 'Issues' Page on Their Websites. Now Most Don't
“‘Issues’ pages, which outline candidates’ stances on key policy topics, have long been expected features of campaign websites. But Christie isn’t alone in forgoing one. The top of President Joe Biden’s official site for his re-election campaign is similarly studded with firetruck-red donation buttons, as well as one linking to merch—including a Dark Brandon crop top—but no section dedicated to his political positions. In fact, of the fourteen major candidates who have entered the presidential race, only a handful have detailed, stand-alone pages describing where they stand on the issues and what they plan to do in office. Several include no written policy commitments at all.”

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Whether You’re on It or Not, 2024 Will Be the TikTok Election
Campaigns & Elections
“Campaigns, she said recently, need to be ‘creating more content and [have] a better feedback loop.’

“She noted that traditionally, the political marketing cycle had started with research, before moving into the creative development phase to produce the perfect 30-second ad and then deploying that creative across the campaign’s paid and organic channels.”

How To Use LinkedIn For Your Campaign
Best Practice Digital
“LinkedIn might not be the first platform you think of for political campaigning online but it does offer a professional and influential audience. The key is providing valuable and informative content related to professional topics.”


AI arms race will dominate 2024 election
Fox News
“In a fight for their lives, sophisticated political campaigns must be laboratories of innovation, where new technologies and strategies can be tested and refined. And while governments, lawmakers, and major corporations squabble over how to best utilize and regulate artificial intelligence, campaigns will already be working to exploit the technology – and using it in ways that are difficult to conceptualize.”

How To Use The Internet To Win Elections – Colin Delany (
Business of Politics Show
“Organizing your campaign to take the best advantage of the tech options that are open to you. That is a really big question.”