Biden Tries ActBlue Alternatives

Meta's update ads policy, GOP attacks on Big Tech


Meta Allows Ads Claiming Rigged 2020 Election on Facebook, Instagram
Wall Street Journal
“With this change, politicians who relied on organic social-media exposure to reach potential voters won’t be able to do so in 2024, the people said. As a result, the shift is expected to put a greater emphasis on election ads on Facebook and Instagram, testing Meta’s ability to manage the updated policy.”


Biden bets big on early ads over door-to-door campaigning
“As part of its push to reach voters on digital platforms, Biden's campaign is launching pilot initiatives for content distribution and ‘micro-influencer programs’ in Arizona and Wisconsin.”

Liberal Super PAC Is Turning Its Focus Entirely Digital
New York Times
“Ms. Butterfield said that more than half of that $75 million would be direct investments supporting President Biden’s re-election efforts and the campaigns of other Democrats on the ballot. Those plans, she said, will also have ‘embedded experiments’ that will provide feedback on how people are responding to their efforts.”

‘The tech version of a flag burning amendment’
“But polling suggests politicians like Haley are on to something: According to a YouGov poll earlier this year, 62 percent of respondents think platforms should require users to use their real names and verify their identity.”


Biden campaign considers changing digital fundraising platforms
“Pennington said there was significant frustration among digital operatives after ActBlue laid off 17 percent of its staff earlier this year. He also said their fees are typically higher than other, less prominent payment processors, and that he’s felt a sense of product stagnation — especially since the emergence of WinRed, a GOP competitor that was founded during the 2020 cycle.”

A New Political Fundraising Platform Wants to Help Grassroots Donors Give More Efficiently
“Oath’s solution is to assign ‘impact scores’ to candidates as a way to indicate to donors where their money can be put to best use. The platform says it calculates the scores based on three main metrics: competitiveness, stakes, and financial need.”


Comparing tech election recommendations
Anchor Change
“All reports emphasize the need for greater transparency and accountability on the part of platforms. This involves standardizing transparency reports, including reports related to ‘election seasons,’ disclosing election-related policies, establishing oversight mechanisms, and ensuring independence from government influence.”