Biden Campaign Shuns Crowds For Content

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Election Day is coming. Here’s how campaigns can win over Gen Z.
Blue State
"Gen Z came of age in a deluge of information and advertisers vying for clicks. They’re overwhelmed, and turned off by traditional political ads that can come off as polarizing or extreme. In fact, one-third of Gen Z voters wish they had known more about the candidates and their positions in the last election compared to 21% of Millennials and just 6% of Baby Boomers."

Q&A on Political Advertising with Andrew Mullins
“My immediate team lived in Google Search trends, and at one point this cycle it became obvious that only God and Taylor Swift could compete against Donald Trump in online search interest.”

Jim Jordan Demands Major Ad Companies Explain Why They Won’t Advertise On Truth Social
"He sent out letters to some of the largest advertisers, accusing them of antitrust violations for merely pointing out that for the sake of brand safety, companies should think carefully before putting their ads on sites frequented by conspiracy theory nutjobs."


Biden's strategy to reach tuned-out voters: Content over crowds
NBC News
"But right now, rally turnout among the die-hards is less important to it than the disengaged voters who have soured on Biden’s presidency and could decide the election. And the campaign is focused on reaching them with digital content, especially content produced outside Washington that showcases personal connections and Biden’s empathetic side."

The Michigan GOP’s Online Wars Could Last Through Election Day
The Dispatch
"But it’s clear the official party is still trying to wrest control of the website from Karamo. Over text on Wednesday morning, Hoekstra confirmed both the website and X account remain in Karamo’s control."


Republicans Flag Problems in Small-Donor Cash Crunch
Real Clear Politics
"One senior GOP digital strategist, who spoke to RCP on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity surrounding fundraising discussions this year, argues the competition for small donors has become too crowded. After Trump's and others’ success in 2020, many GOP campaigns and consultants simply expect to get support from the same donors. They started hiring firms like his in greater numbers even though the Republican Party has done little to grow the pool of individual donors."


British politics is hooked on Trump-style begging emails
Politico Europe
"With parties showing no sign of putting away the email begging bowl, Thorogood warned such tricks can only go so far, however. 'The risk is in coming across as a bit American, a bit corporate,' she said. 'We still have to have that personal relationship with supporters.'"

Social Media

Progressive advocacy groups face diminished digital influence
"Together, these pages have over 16 million followers - but over the past five years, half of them have actually seen a net decrease in audience size. All of them have seen a precipitous decline in engagement every time they post: Once averaging 4 million interactions a week, last week their posts received just over 200,000 likes, shares, or comments."

Content creators ask Meta to reverse politics limits on Instagram, Threads
Washington Post
"The decision has alarmed users who post about social issues, including LGBTQ rights, women’s rights, racial inequality and disability. And independent journalists and content creators say they’ve struggled to reach their audiences in recent weeks since the change was rolled out. The limits, they say, have significantly affected creators who are Black, female, disabled and LGBTQ."


The Campaigner's Guide To Getting Started With AI
Best Practice Digital
"A detailed guide to the latest AI tools, how to use them on your campaign, and essentials of working with this new technology."