Biden 2024 Previews Digital Strategy

Inside campaigns' pursuit of the TikTok voter

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The Ad Tech Evolution: An Election Cycle in"With worse data tracking, Facebook has been providing worse results. What was once a reliable source of donations and acquisitions is still useful, but increasingly expensive and increasingly getting dropped or slashed in media plans."

Ad spending reached $7.8 billion for"The 2022 midterms saw a whopping $7.8 billion spent on TV, radio and digital ads, according to the ad tracking data AdImpact, nearly doubling the $4 billion spent on ads in 2018."


Biden team planning a dramatically expanded digital strategy for"The plans, which build upon lessons from the 2020 campaign, are one part of an expansive research effort funded by the Democratic National Committee to prepare for Biden’s expected campaign launch next year. Top advisers have been testing ways to reactivate volunteers and donors, and they completed a review this summer of the shifts in how voters consumed political information over the past two years."

How Abrams’ campaign spending led to ‘incredibly bad’ cash"Several staffers said the campaign rented a home near Piedmont Park to be a “hype house” for TikTok videos that wound up largely neglected. Some aides commandeered the vacant five-bedroom craftsman-style house, now available to rent at $12,500 a month, as a makeshift office."

John Fetterman’s TikTok“Young people are often not trusted on campaigns to do stuff,” Memes said. “Annie is what happens when you trust young people to do what they’re good at.”

Midterms Memes and the Future of Digital"Social media isn’t going away. Will the platforms be the same in two years? I don’t know. I’m sure there will be updates, things that we don’t like about it, things that shift. I also don’t think people’s use of digital media to get their information and to be entertained will go away."

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    Twitter Files: RNC demands FEC reopen investigation into censorship of Hunter Biden"The FEC dismissed the complaint in August 2021. However, on Tuesday, the RNC pressed the commission to reopen the matter due to what it calls "bombshell revelations" regarding Twitter’s censorship practices, which the party alleges contradicts "factual assertions" made by Twitter when responding to the initial complaint."