AI Politics Takes Center Stage

New blow to Facebook ads, stats on advocacy


What iOS 17 Tracking Changes mean for Digital Fundraising
M +R
"Essentially, these changes take the few measly conversions they can currently track and strip away any audience data. Meta will know those handful of conversions exist, but they won’t have any data about who made that conversion. Any data that lookalike models could be based on will be wiped from Apple devices."


A Profile of the Modern Advocate
Campaigns & Elections
"So it’s no surprise to learn advocates spend very little time on a page before their attention is pulled away – in fact, our data shows advocates spend only 34 seconds on a page before either taking action or exiting altogether."


NBC News demands Trump campaign take down fake clip of reporter
"The video in question, shared by a top Trump adviser, opens with authentic footage of NBC News senior Capitol Hill correspondent Garrett Haake previewing the debate for the network. It soon cuts to video of each candidate as a voiceover — in Haake’s voice — makes disparaging comments about the candidates."

Donald Trump blames AI for making him "look bad"
"'The perverts and losers at the failed and once disbanded Lincoln Project, and others, are using A.I.(Artificial Intelligence) in their Fake television commercials in order to make me look as bad and pathetic as Crooked Joe Biden, not an easy thing to do,' Trump wrote on Truth Social before telling Fox News it 'shouldn't run these ads.'"

8 Early Digital Campaign Mistakes That Are Easy To Avoid
Best Practice Digital
"Starting out with all of the right components in place shows that you are running a professional, competent campaign deserving of voters’ support."

Social Media

Can a social media post change public opinion? Researchers weigh in
"So, in other words, when we looked at whether the mix of content that people encountered and consumed and engaged with on these platforms affected what people then told us later on a survey or how they voted or whether they voted or the kinds of participation in the campaign that they undertook, we largely found very negligible impacts."

Meta is going to fact-check content on the Threads app
"The app’s users will be given the choice to increase, lower or maintain the default level of 'demotions on fact-checked content' in personal feeds."


A Democratic campaign deploys the first synthetic AI caller
"The robotic volunteer was built by a startup called Civox, run by co-founders based in London and San Francisco. It answers questions about Daniels, her policy positions and her opponent Perry in a slightly metallic female voice designed to remind recipients they’re talking to an AI, according to test calls with POLITICO."

Announcing HGL’s Progressive AI Lab Grant Recipients
Higher Ground Labs
"We are laser-focused on solutions that leverage generative AI to run better campaigns and elect Democrats in 2024. Generative AI can augment the capacity of our people, saving precious staff and volunteer time by automating mundane tasks, analyzing disparate data into actionable insights, and optimizing our tactics."

California lawmaker to propose prohibiting AI in political communication
"Assemblymember Gail Pellerin will introduce a bill to ban the use of artificial intelligence in political communications to preempt what could be an onslaught of AI-generated misinformation in the 2024 election, the lawmaker said Monday."