AI Panic & Promises

Biden's big week, Truth Social's poor showing


Bill would require disclosure of AI-generated content in political ads
Washington Post
“Clarke said that disclosure made the RNC ad a model, in a certain sense, of the transparent deployment of AI. But not all actors will follow that example, she warned, and the consequences could be dire during the 2024 presidential campaign.”


Biden spends $1 million on digital ads in first week of campaign
“The ads were paid for by the Biden Victory Fund - a joint fundraising committee comprised of Biden for President and the Democratic National Committee - and consist of simple image graphics, text-centric fundraising appeals, and direct-to-camera videos. All are intended to solicit small-dollar donations from the President’s supporters.”


What AI Means For The Future Of Political Writing
Blue State
“The best way to cut through the clutter, especially as someone new on the scene, is to not sound like anyone else. But AI is engineered to imitate everything it’s ever read before, so if you rely on it to define and execute your voice, you’ll sound like a mish-mash of everything everyone else has already said. You won’t break through. And you’ll miss out on the best way to build relationships with supporters, or with anyone: conveying your genuine personality.”


Brace Yourself for the 2024 Deepfake Election
“Even if deepfakes don’t become ubiquitous before the 2024 election, which is still 18 months away, the mere fact that this kind of content can be created could affect the election. Knowing that fraudulent images, audio, and video can be created relatively easily could make people distrust the legitimate material they come across.”


What Do We Do About Online Fundraising? (Audio Essay)
Business of Politics Show
“I wanted to share with you a modified version of a talk I gave recently at Campaigns & Elections Campaign Tech conference here in DC. It was informed by many of the conversations you’ve already heard on the show and I wanted to share with you how I’ve synthesized those into a way forward for political online fundraising.”

Social Media

He blew the whistle on Trump’s Truth Social. Now he works at Starbucks.
Washington Post
“But the company, which had told investors it would reach 50 million users by 2024, appears to be only a fraction of the way there, according to the site’s own publicly visible follower data. Truth Social’s global traffic last month fell to roughly 7 million visits, 40 percent below its August peak, according to estimates from the online analytics firm Similarweb.”


How AI is already changing the 2024 election
"If 2008 and 2012 were the Facebook elections, this will be the AI election — but it'll be massively more disruptive," said Tom Newhouse, vice president of digital marketing at Convergence Media, a Republican firm that uses AI.

Everything Political Campaigners Need To Know About AI
Best Practice Digital
“If tools like ChatGPT can be helpful in speeding up your current tasks, you should absolutely be using them, but there’s no need – yet – to change your campaign strategy.”

Introducing AI Assist: Your Personal Text Message Writing Assistant
“AI Assist is a new writing tool that helps overcome writer's block to create exciting and engaging text messages, all powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT API. Never worry about coming up with new ideas or getting stuck in the middle of a project again.”