AI Comes For Campaigns

Influencers front and center, Saudis’ ownership stake in Dem tech


Political Media Buyers Are Waiting On a Decision From Netflix
“Other practitioners worry that even if Netflix does accept political ad dollars, its targeting options will be limited. Moreover, Bully Pulpit Interactive’s Mike Schneider notes how fractured the CTV/OTT audience is, which means that Netflix won’t be a silver bullet for political marketers.”


Pelosi campaign pays Illinois man $7,500 after he sued over 'invasive and harassing' fundraising texts
“And according to federal campaign finance disclosures made public on Friday, the dismissal came after Rojas received a $7,500 payment marked ‘Settlement’ from Pelosi's congressional campaign.”

Indictment turbocharges Trump’s fundraising
“But the campaign also says it brought in nearly the same amount in the two weeks after the charges were filed against the former president — $15.4 million — underscoring just how much the charges against Trump have animated his backers. In another indication that the indictment has helped Trump to grow his fundraising base, nearly a quarter of those who contributed to Trump during that period had never given to him before.”


How campaigns are working with creators & influencers
“I think over the last 3-4 years, we've seen a shift in social platforms, especially with the emergence of short-form video, where the emphasis is less on organizations and more on people, on creators.”

Cosmonauts & Kings Launches the World's First AI-Generated Political Podcast
“The overall objective of the podcast is to cultivate a deeper comprehension of the potential advantages and perils of incorporating AI into politics without neglecting ethical challenges.”


Be On the Look Out for the 'Long Con’
“However, these targeted attempts could easily make their way to us. In the case of the long con, you need to be on alert to impersonation attempts and efforts to create more lasting relationships. They could also start as outreach via other networks such as LinkedIn, or via email of someone claiming to have attended the same event as you did in an effort to spark a connection.”

Social Media

Some Democrats worry crackdown on TikTok could hurt party
“Internal analytics revealed that candidates’ TikTok cameos and meetings with influencers yielded significantly more eyeballs for fewer dollars than television ad buys, Daks said, adding that those influencers are planning for greater political involvement this next campaign cycle.”


Early use cases for AI in politics & campaigns
“There are many use cases of AI in politics. AI offers the possibility to not only automate time-intensive activities, but to augment the capacity of our best resource: our people.”

Republicans respond to Biden reelection announcement with AI-generated attack ad
“A small disclaimer in the top left of the frame says ‘built entirely with AI imagery,’ while the caption underneath the YouTube video reads, ‘An AI-generated look into the country’s possible future if Joe Biden is re-elected in 2024.’”

Congress gets 40 ChatGPT Plus licenses to start experimenting with generative AI
“According a recent AI Working Group internal email obtained by FedScoop, the AI tool is expected to be used for many day to day tasks and key responsibilities within congressional offices such as: generating constituent response drafts and press documents; summarizing large amounts of text in speeches; drafting policy papers or even bills; creating new logos or graphical element for branded office resources and more.”

Struggling With a Texting Script? Maybe Let AI Do a Pass
“The end result: [Hustle] today launched a tool it’s calling Script Assistant, which ‘utilizes OpenAI’s ChatGPT API to provide suggestions to [clients] about what their text messaging scripts and Personalized Clip recording scripts should be,’ according to a client email.”

Saudi Arabia Owns Stake In Firm That Bought Democratic Party’s Campaign Tech
“In addition to investments in Apax Partners, which acquired NGP VAN and EveryAction in August 2021, Sanabil is also invested in Insight Partners, another venture capital and private equity firm that invested in EveryAction in 2018 and sold parts of the company to Apax in 2021. (Another company called Vista Equity Partners that sold assets to Apax as part of the 2021 acquisition is also listed as a Saudi partner.)”