2024 Spending Projected To Top $10 billion

Liberal organizations worry about funding, Trump's mugshot merch

Business of Politics Show LIVE: The Politics Of Programmatic Advertising
“Join us for a LIVE recording of the Business of Politics Show podcast to discuss the current state of affairs for political advertising on major tech platforms. We'll be giving an updated overview of where political advertisers can and cannot reach voters, what alternatives exist, and how to prepare for contingencies.”


2024 Political Spending Projections Report
“AdImpact projects the 2023-2024 election cycle will be the most expensive of all time, totaling $10.2B in political expenditures across broadcast, cable, radio, satellite, digital, and CTV.”


Nearly one in five pieces of official Trump campaign merch is indictment related
“Trump’s campaign has also released “I Stand with Trump” t-shirts with the dates of most of his indictments, beginning with his first, on March 30, 2023, in the New York hush money case.

“The campaign has since put out new editions of the shirt for two of his three indictments: June 8, 2023, the date of his federal indictment in the classified documents case, and Aug. 14, 2023, the date of his indictment in the Georgia election interference case.”


Sending Up the Bat Signal
Movement Voter Project
“The funding drought is not just affecting local organizations. It was recently reported by Blue Tent that several prominent national organizations including Sierra Club, Color of Change, Planned Parenthood, Arabella Advisors, ActBlue, and Movement Voter PAC (where I serve as Executive Director) have recently had major layoffs as well.”

Social Media

Lies, Damned Lies, and Social-Media Metrics
New York Magazine
“With Trump’s video, Twitter ended up telling on itself with another internet metric: a distinct video view count number still visible in an old Twitter client suggested that, the day after the debate, the video had accumulated just under 15 million views. Which sounds like a lot! This type of view, however, is counted when a user plays the video for “at least 2 seconds and sees at least 50% of the video player in-view,” according to company documentation. So, again, a much lower threshold than approximated by Nielsen surveys, and quite a stretch by any reasonable nonindustry conception of what it means to “view” something, but about 15 times more stringent than whatever Musk’s new metric is adding, multiplying, or alchemizing together.”


Poll: Americans believe AI will hurt elections
“35% said AI will decrease their trust in election advertising (42% of Trump voters; 33% of Biden voters).”

Growing Space for Smaller Players in the Democratic Tech Market?
Campaigns & Elections
“We’ve been operating in a small portion of that market and that’s allowed us to grow,” said Bartley. “But I think there is a lot of concern over support, maintenance and features [at NGP VAN]. People are tweeting about when is NGP going to respond to support tickets, and that sort of thing.”