$200 GOTV Stipend For Relational Organizers

Trump's high email volume, more AI


FCC's proposal to regulate AI in political ads is misguided, commissioner says
Fox Business
“The proposal would not prohibit the use of AI-generated content in political ads, but it would require that TV and radio operators include the disclosure in the ads they air by campaigns and advocacy groups."


You Can Get Paid to Talk to Friends About Voting
"Since the 2022 election, Relentless has championed relational organizing, and this year the group is launching a $10.8 million program that will, in part, help pay participants in the program a $200 stipend to get out the vote. The organizers of the program say they plan to build out a network of more than 2 million voters across seven battleground states, including Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin."

Let's Talk About Joe Biden and Donald Trump's Emails
Josh Klemons
"Donald Trump’s campaign sends ~10x more emails per day than Joe Biden!!!"

Trump campaign starts taking cryptocurrency donations, vows to build a 'crypto army'
"Crypto donations will be reported as in-kind contributions, much like gifts of stock. The campaign can then decide to either liquidate the digital currency or hang on to it."


The Science of Campaign Logos: What the Latest Research Reveals
Best Practice Digital
"when it comes to political campaign logos, voters aren’t necessarily looking for something groundbreaking or avant-garde. In fact, the research suggests that they actually prefer logos that feel familiar and relatable."


Using Email Authentication To Boost Deliverability – Seth Blank (Valimail)
Business of Politics Show
"Seth Blank is the Chief Technology Officer at Valimail, a leading provider of email authentication and anti-impersonation solutions. Seth is also co-chair of the DMARC working group for the Internet Engineering Task Force."


Influencers are using TikTok to encourage voting in South Africa
Rest Of World
"A year before the elections, Zethu Gqola, a TikTok creator with over 275,000 followers, added the voter registration link to her bio and reminded viewers to click on it at the end of every video. 'That became a call to action versus complaining with no solution,' she said on a podcast last month. Gqola said her efforts have led some 28,500 people to register to vote ahead of this year’s election."

India’s election wasn’t the deepfake doomsday many feared
Rest Of World
"But while the video would be politically damaging if it actually deceived voters, that doesn’t seem to be the point. The original, non-manipulated footage is from a prominent political speech that most Indian viewers would be aware of, which is not the kind of thing you’d do if you wanted to concoct a convincing fake. The effect is closer to trolling than outright deception, like a Saturday Night Live sketch or a grotesque political cartoon. Sure, it’s fake — but the fakery is the point."

Social Media

TikTok Moves to Limit Russian and Chinese Media’s Reach in Big Election Year
New York Times
"TikTok also said the accounts would not be permitted to advertise on TikTok outside their home countries, to further reduce their reach."


The Implications Of An AI Presidential Candidate
Campaigns & Elections
"Ballot access will be a challenge for the Lincoln 2.0 team. I predict they’ll need a volunteer to change their name to 'AIbraham Lincoln' and promise to relinquish all communications and decision-making to the AI."

AI Edition: Higher Ground Labs' Political Tech Landscape Report
Higher Ground Labs
"Our research confirms that we’re still in the experimentation stage with AI. The technology itself is still quite nascent, yet generative AI has the potential to help your team run smoother, faster, and more efficiently today."