15 Billion Political Texts Sent In 2022

RNC considers fundraising requirements, candidate door knocking down ballot


Facebook was a cash cow for Trump. It could end up being a ‘bronze goose.’Politico.com"Advertising on the social media giant has changed significantly since Trump was last on the platform. Republicans say investments in Facebook no longer translate to small-dollar donors as they once did. Campaigns are spending far less on advertising there. And while the former president has always been a unique draw for conservatives on Facebook, there are significant questions as to whether an out-of-office Trump still has the same pull that a President Trump did."


The Data-Driven Strategy Behind Democrats’ State-Level Success in 2022NYMag.com"But according to Aaron Kleinman, director of research for Future Now (parent organization of The States Project), research privately available to Democratic groups has found that few things have greater potential to change a voter’s allegiance than a personal conversation with the actual candidate. It is impractical to dedicate much of a candidate’s time to personally knocking on doors in an election for a statewide office or even for a House district, but state legislative districts are so small that a sufficiently committed candidate can actually win a meaningful number of votes by hitting doorsteps."


It's true, campaign fundraising is out of control. Here's how to fix it.Yello.Substack.com"What donors want, according to the Center for Campaign Innovation’s study, is things like updates about policies and issues, what the candidate is doing, and how donors’ money is making an impact. In other words, content-focused emails with communication beyond just fundraising. The report suggests campaigns reduce their fundraising footprint and better segment and target supporters."

GOP considers copying powerful Dem donor tacticAxios.com"Discussions are ongoing about the precise number of donors to require, though internal talks have floated 40,000 and 50,000 as potential thresholds and the source said the numbers could change prior to an RNC vote in February."


EU lawmakers adopt political ads regulation in leading committeeEuractiv.com"Among the measures included in the text is one that would create a European Repository for Political Advertisements, into which all published political advertisements, along with their accompanying transparency notices, must be deposited." 

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Trump hosts conservative influencers behind Libs of TikTok and Babylon Bee for dinnerNBCNews.com"It was one of the first of many wine-and-dine events that Trump has planned with social media influencers, the source said."


Billions of political text messages were sent last year — and there’s little to stop more from comingNBCNews.com"More than 15 billion political texts were sent in 2022 according to call-blocking service Robokiller — about 50 messages for every phone in the country. Few states have taken action that would curtail this, and congressional efforts have been unsuccessful."